Food photography in action.

Showcasing my portfolio at Elements Kitchens event

Getting out of the studio and the staged shoots turned special about catching the moment and embracing the dynamic energy of live events. That's what I experienced at the perfectly organised gathering by Maria Lloyd and Elements Kitchens, and it was a masterclass in adaptability and connection. Thank you, Maria, for the smooth process.

The best food background

The scene was the beautiful Elements Kitchens showroom in Reading, showcasing the essence of the modern home cooking place in traditional British style, Italian modern and German tech with many innovations and beauty in details.

What a beautiful background of innovative design for the food to thrive!

Working with professional chef, Jo Barwick

Chef Jo Barwick showcased the latest of NEF's hobs and ovens, cooking delicious all-favourite food. Then there were we - the photographers: myself, Sapna Odlin and Kathryn Fell. Each with her unique style and presentation, but still united by a passion for capturing an image. If you expect photographers gathered in the same place and environment to produce the same result, I will disappoint you. We are so different, and that’s the best part.

Jo Barwick and her amazing freshly cooked bread.
Jo Barwick and her amazing freshly cooked bread.

Collaborating with professionals with complementary skills fulfils the gaps, brings the best of each and combines in the result. I adore working with skilful chefs, stylists, baristas, and all professionals involved. That allows me to focus on the photography part.

Shooting live-action food photography is a dynamic, constantly changing object. It was a chase of the second to catch the people in front of the camera, mixing ingredients, steam clouds, whisking and cooking. A skilled photographer thrives in this fluidity, anticipating and solving problems in real-time. Improvisation and resourcefulness become your main tools, transforming unexpected events into visual gold.

Fresh muffins shot at a live photography event at Element Kitchens

Networking was another essential ingredient. Sharing tips, discussing techniques, and simply connecting with fellow food and photography enthusiasts – these interactions fuelled creativity and broadened perspectives.

Step out of the comfort zone and embrace the challenge

Never hold yourself back from trying something new. However, embracing live cooking events and networking at the same time was completely new and challenging for me. The need to step out of my comfort zone was vital as a creative. It demands improvisation and quick thinking to capture fleeting moments and leverage the unique setting. I couldn't imagine a better background for the story in my photos. Stepping outside the studio can lead to unexpected growth and ignite fresh ideas. I embraced the moment and enjoyed the day. Thank you, Maria, Jo, Sarah and Elements Kitchens, for the great experience.

Jo and Sarah at live photography event at Elements Kitchens, Reading

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