Milena Ugrinova - Mim, food and product photographer based in Berkshire, UK.


Levitating strawberry on pancakes with dripping honey
Chilli topped tortilla chips on bright yellow background
Bright yellow lemon on vibrant blue background with tree shadow
Levitating doughnut with a chocolate crown on vibrant orange and pink background
Orange splash in an alcoholic drink
Wine splashes drop down on pyramid of levitating various cheese blocks
Strawberry mojito Pink Lady food award shortlisted
Pizza cheese pull photo painting
Waffle topped with butter, berries and honey drips
Pistachio and red berry ice cream
Blackberry cocktail
Milena Ugrinova - Mim portrait

Hey there, nice to meet you.

My name is Milena, but my friends call me Mim. I am a food and product photographer based in Reading, Berkshire, UK, a stone's throw from the centre of London.

I am passionate about creating food for the eyes. With a bachelor's degree in Photography and a background in Graphic Design, I know how to create mouth-watering visuals and use them.

My clients are agencies, established brands, startups, and hospitality venues with a variety of products and services. I photograph all types of freshly prepared food, packet snacks and ingredients, desserts, beverages, and non-edible products in a fun creative way.

I capture the colours, ingredients, textures and juices, that explode into flavours.

I will create your unique photograph by capturing your vision and telling your story.

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams

I'm incredibly proud my photograph has been shortlisted at the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2022 in the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture category.

See it on the Pink Lady website.

Strawberry mojito Pink Lady food award shortlisted

Stay tuned for new projects.
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