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Hi there! My name is Milena Ugrinova, and I come from Bulgaria. Call me Mim, like my friends do, if it is easier for you. I am based in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

I love all visual things, from ancient sculptures to modern movies. I am curious and eager to explore the world around me.

My inspiration hides in everything, so do not wonder why sometimes I ask odd questions.


Studying Graphic design at an innovative art school that can be translated into a sixth-form art academy in the UK gave me fundamentals for everything I have done after that. I used to draw and paint, and created posters without a computer, can you believe it!

At the beginning of my career, I worked at a print house in post-print, at a media agency as a junior web designer, and as a freelance brand and print designer.

Starting at an IT company as a graphic designer was a huge milestone for me. I was the design core of the entire company, which grew from 40 to 400 people when I left.


During my full-time job, I had the opportunity also to continue my education. I am incredibly grateful to have had such supportive colleagues and managers. I wanted to study Photography as a way to express my creativity differently.

Food wasn't my first subject. I tried nature, street, portrait and fashion before finding my true passion.

I merged photography with my design work to create unique, meaningful images.

The design vision helps me plan and construct sets as well as determine how each photo could be used in different marketing channels.

After my family moved to the UK, I became a Creative manager at a pizza company. That's when I started to understand the incredible universe of food photography.

Since then, I've been working with different brands and hospitality operators, always excited to explore the art of food through the lens, and in many cases, I implement it within my design work.

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