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My personal portfolio

The personal portfolio gallery is about exploring creative concepts, different techniques, and settings. I use this space to take risks with food photography and push my artistic boundaries. Experimenting with vibrant colours, bold lighting, and daring angles, I take visually stunning and engaging photographs. I learn something new with each photo I capture, constantly building my portfolio and photography skills.

Bright yellow lemon on vibrant blue background with tree shadow
Variety of cheese in a pyramid over different crackers topped with jam
Chilli topped tortilla chips on bright yellow background
Levitating doughnut with a chocolate crown on vibrant orange and pink background
Levitating strawberry on pancakes with dripping honey
Wine splashes drop down on pyramid of levitating various cheese blocks
Orange splash in an alcoholic drink
Tiramisu in a martini glass topped with chocolate and cocoa powder. Foodelia winner.
Blackberry cocktail
Luxury chocolate present on red
Variety of levitating miny sandwiches
Hand holding half-eaten tea cake chocolate treat
Green Beans on blue background
Celebrating with pink Champagne on silver background
Waffle topped with butter, berries and honey drips
Cherry and strawberry kiss on yellow
Levitating rose-flavoured Turkish delight, Foodelia winner
Cat in a scene of roasted pumpkin with wallnuts
Raspberry splash in a martini drink
Pistachio and red berry ice cream
Fruits loaded waffles dusted with icing sugar
Red berries on sponge cake
Chilli and jam on chocolate cookies

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