A guide for an ambitious startup in the food and drink business.

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Your business is flourishing, and you start feeling it needs something more. You've done it well with the phone in your pocket, but the gut tells you there is more. You reach more clients and partners, and your marketing needs rise like an unstoppable avalanche. It worked well for your friends on Facebook but not enough for the big audience and the national and global partners.

Do you wonder:

  • What your business is missing from its presentation?
  • Is it quality?
  • Is it your brand style across your content?
  • Does it have consistency?
  • Does it stand out?
Pizza and nibbles lifestyle shot, created in a studio for a summer promo campaign for Doughboys Pizza
Pizza and nibbles lifestyle photo, created in a studio for a summer promo campaign for Doughboys Pizza.

Convince your audience without hesitation.

Professional food photographers know how to tell your story by capturing the best angles, lighting, and composition to make your product look its absolute best. They can also use the styling to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. High-quality food photography can help you grab attention and make potential customers hungry.

Make it the best way. 

Making your own photos whenever the occasion arises can lack quality when they are usually made in a hurry or are not your top priority. Investing in high-quality food photography is essential if you want your business to look professional and have a solid presence on all selling points and channels. A photo of the same meal could look either delicious or disgusting. It is the skilful touch that makes the difference. Vision, years of experience and specialised skills are the most valuable tools that make a good photo. A business with professional-looking visuals is more likely to be trusted and valued highly by the customers.

Say it with your unique voice. 

Your photography content is part of your branding. A professional photographer can help you develop a signature style to make your brand stand out. Your unique vision creates not only followers but loyalty to your brand. It adds to the weight when the customers choose between you and the others. 

Doughboys retail range pizza
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Make it consistent but not boring. 

The difference between a good amateur and a professional will always be asking the right questions to get the right outcome. The non-professional could deliver you a good image, but the professional will take YOUR photos across all your content. No matter how different the setup is, it will include your mood and feelings. The seasoned photographer will know how to keep guides without doing the same picture every time.

To stand out, you need a vision.

No matter how good your camera is, it is not enough to be noticed. The photographic equipment offers easy-to-reach sharpness and megapixels than ever before. The most valuable tool is and will be even more the original ideas. Be bold, creative and different. Choose your photographer based on their ideas, not the size of the camera sensor. 

Balancing pizza slices and ingredients, "The best pizza has a balanced taste and only the best ingredients."
Balancing pizza slices and ingredients, "The best pizza has a balanced taste and only the best ingredients."
It is bold, it is catchy, it is Doughboys unique product
It is bold, it is catchy, it is Doughboys' unique product

The time to hire a professional photographer is NOW!

Finally, you have a budget that will allow you to move forward.

  • To take photos for packaging and selling points. Show, convince, and turn an occasional visitor into a customer.
  • To create digital and print ads. Are you planning a campaign? Make it attractive.
  • To build an image library for marketing materials. If the client doesn't see you, you wouldn't exist for them. Your marketing needs content to feed your presence constantly.
  • To update seasonal promotions. Do not forget to finish your Christmas campaign shooting by August, or it will be late.
  • To present your brand at events. From stands and banners to posters and flyers, you will need the best to show your product.
  • To document food preparation and cooking processes. The best way to build trust is to show your clients behind the curtain.
  • To create photos for cookbooks and other publications. Who reeds the recipe if one doesn't see how delicious the food is?

Your visual content is an investment. Make it wise, as the good one wouldn't be cheap. Choose the professional to do the best job that will return the most.

The photographic content in this blog-post was created across multiple photoshoots for different campaigns exclusively for Doughboys. If you want to know more about my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.